Client Survey Results are In

In September we surveyed over 500 clients. We asked you what major challenges you face when maintaining or constructing infrastructure on behalf of your organisation. You told us your greatest challenges (with 1 ranked as most important) are:

  1. Financial - budgets, costs, business cases, and contractor costs
  2. Safety
  3. Working on or around operating infrastructure assets
  4. Quality
  5. Contractor sourcing and management
  6. Planning
  7. Reliability
  8. Availability
  9. Compliance
  10. Lack of internal resources for project initiation, planning and delivery

We also asked what is important to you when you require delivery of rail or civil services. Respondents listed 128 different areas of importance in project delivery, which could be grouped into 42 categories. The 42 categories are:

Price, Safety, Quality, Communication, Compliance and Competency Management, Honesty/Culture/Transparency, No variations, On time delivery, Reliability, Flexibility, People, Project delivery, Availability, Commercials, Efficiency, Experience, Planning, Responsive, Supervisor Quality, Additional Skills, Can-do attitude, Capability, Collaboration, Commitment, Communication, Contactable, Delivery to scope, Design Capability, Documentation, Innovation/Value add, Long term requirements, Methodology, Nominated contact point, Oversight, Productivity, Professional, Proximity, Quoting process, Risk, Service, Service, Timeframe and “You do what you say you will”.

We also asked you to tell us what you think of us, and we received some very detailed and specific feedback. We greatly appreciate the time our clients took to respond, and provide useful feedback. We were pleased that when asked to describe McLeod Rail in “one word” you used 26 different adjectives, all positive! The 26 adjectives are:

Reliable, Capable, Approachable, Competent, Good, Efficient, Great, Professional, Safe, Useful, Customer focussed, Dynamic, Effective, Emerging, Excellent, Friendly, Honest, Improving, Keen, Recommended, Responsive, Solid, Supporting, Trustworthy, Well organised, and Willing.

Thanks again to all clients who took the time to respond for your valuable feedback.