Tools & Equipment
Fusion Master


  • Suitable for welding pipe/fittings from 32mm to 110mm.
  • Weld pressure applied by simple “Torque” type hand lever (non-hydraulic).
  • Tools are compact for use in narrow trenches.
  • Pipe and fittings clamps are removable and/or interchangeable for ultimate flexibility.
  • Joints rapidly prepared with the powerful electric facer.
  • Self aligning facer always produces parallel pipe faces.
  • Purpose designed heater provides controllable, uniform surface temperature.
  • Short set up time. Heater reaches working temperature within 10 minutes.
  • Quick change non-stick heater surfaces cuts lost time repairing damage in the field.
  • These robust tools are tough and reliable in harsh field conditions, with little maintenance required.
  • Can also be supplied with reducing liners for rural or gas pipe standards.

Component Data

Butt Machine: 260L x 250W x 350High (mm)
Main clamp bore: 110mm
Heater plate: 120mm effective heating diameter, 750 watt, 240 volt
Facer: 700watt, 240 volt; one blade per side
Pipe clamp liners: 32-90mm: 6 pieces per pipe size
Fittings clamp liners: 32-90mm: 3 pieces per pipe size
Heater/facer stand
Accessory case: 760L x 310W x 295High(mm) (volume 0.07m3)
Accessory case: fully loaded with all accessories

(Minimum recommended portable generator capacity for field use is 2kva, 240v, single phase)

Tags: pipe joiner, gas, fusion master

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